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Envoys extraordinary

Envoys extraordinary

Podcast episode #2. A homeless neighbor, a panhandler, and our daughter make public space

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In this more personal podcast episode, I speak with three envoys from our public God:

  • Bethany and I ride the bus and discuss interior design, urban planning, and her installation art.

  • A local paper objects to free bus service, despite its cost effectiveness, because some citizens might make buses their homes.

  • My neighbor admits to, on rare occasions, riding buses to keep warm. She teaches me how far we are from the new creation’s justice.

  • Bethany and I consider Le Corbusier’s solution to public spaces and to the spread of a future St. Paul’s doctrines among the poor.

  • A panhandler tells me why he parted traffic for me.

And Victoria and I discuss Arlington drivers.

Finally—to assure myself of my sanity—do you, too, hear the buses chuckle?

My thanks to Carol and Wayne (not their real names), Victoria and Bethany for permission to record and publish their voices. Thanks also to Arend at Uppbeat for the licensed use of his “O, Magnificence II.”

Political Devotions
Public Spaces
Public Spaces chronicles two suburban émigrés' encounters with city people creating different kinds of local, public life.
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